Saturday 17 March 2018

BSHIRT | Breast feed with confidence

Happy Saturday! So excited to tell you lovelies all about my latest collaboration with BSHIRT - a trendy vest top for us breast feeding mama's!

Did you know around 80% woman usually give up breast feeding up in the first 6 weeks of their baby being born? For some that might be due to lack of confidence, they feel their baby wasn't getting enough milk, struggling with pain in their breast or just generally didn't enjoy it. For me with my first born it was the feeding in public area, I was still getting to grips with mother hood and I was never and still not one to just get the boob out in front of people! Once I was over the first 6 weeks everything just seemed to ''work'' I fed Harry where and in front of who I wanted, but still using my muslin cloth or breast feeding cover. With Matilda I couldn't wait to start feeding again I love every part of breast feeding, the bond I get with my baby is indescribable. I will add though, I am NOT on the breast feeding mum brigade, although I feel its the most natural, beautiful and one of the best parts of motherhood, a happy mummy is a happy baby so whether bottle or breast fed, as long as baby is FED that is all that matters but I would encourage any mummy to give it ago. I fed Harry for 7 months and plan to feed Matilda for as long as I can!

So I was soooo ready to ditch off the maternity wear after 9 months of wearing what felt to me frumpy clothes, but I then remembered the lack of clothes, or perhaps I should say fashionable clothes for breast feeding mamas. I first saw BSHIRT online and was delighted to of received a vest top in the post to wear and feed Matilda in. My first thought was, this is a bit more like me! :-) the style, the shape. The top has a flap that you can lift just under your bra to allow easy quick access for your baby to feed from. There are no clips, or fuss and keeps your tummy/cleavage completely covered. 

Its long enough so when changing nappies, or bending down to play with my toddler my back is still covered and I love that I can team it with jeans, leggings, comfy lounge wear, wear it under a t-shirt or like I am in my photos just wear it alone! Finally something that's fashionable - Happy Days!

Size? - I went for a size 12 for room for my ever growing boobs with milk increasing and decreasing as I feed, and it was the perfect size for me I didn't want too tight, and found wearing it with my nursing bras it was the ideal size! I would recommend to go up one size from your normal size, maybe even 2 sizes depending on your body shape. So for me, although I am 3 weeks postpartum I am naturally bigger across my thighs and bum when I am carrying more weight so I only went one size up. 

Quality? - Made from Organic cotton, the vest top is of really good quality! I have worn and washed and it is still in shape as I first received it. Its so comfy, and can be worn alone or under neath a T-shirt if you prefer. Nothing worse than cheap material that doesn't stay in shape!

It comes in a range of different colours. I love the dark Grey! I can team with my silver jewellery as well as gold, and team with blue or black leggings/jeans! 

To buy your B Shirt -

Lots of Love x
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